On your own [explicit]

from by Shohei Kobayashi



Music and lyrics by Shohei Kobayashi (2009)


You walked that road alone 'though you were told that it was cold.
You walked that road alone seeing if it would lead you home.
Yeah, it was warm.
They were the ones who felt the storm.

You walked that road alone despite what all the people said.
You walked that road alone. You heard that you might come out dead.
Full speed ahead.
Alive you were instead.

You walked your road alone. They said that their way would be fun.
You walked your road alone. Had you gone with them you would've had to run,
but you said, "F-ck that
I want to see the sun.
I want to watch it rise.
So, I'll call you when I'm done.
I promise I'll call."


from keepsake, released December 21, 2015
Recording and mixing: Paul Laxer
Guitar and voice: Shohei Kobayashi




Shohei Kobayashi Ann Arbor, Michigan

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